4food: Pro-Local and Eco-Friendly

I recently had lunch at a restaurant called 4food. Prior to that day, I was unfamiliar with the spot. I have never been there nor have I ever heard of its existence, which is quite a shame. But I have a couple of theories as to why: First one being that it was covered by scaffolding for months (752 days to be exact and it only went down four weeks ago), second reason would be perhaps the name can be off putting (What is 4food? What kind of foods do they offer?) and lastly, its location may not be the best choice- 4food is surrounded by a lot of other eateries that serve dishes and have names that aren't as strange. Also, it's closed on weekends. I have to be totally honest here and say that I had low expectations for this place. Why? For the reasons mentioned above and because I felt as if this was going to be another one of those soup and sandwich restaurants. I must admit, I was wrong on that judgement call. What is 4food? What kind of foods do they offer? Not soups and sandwiches but burgers, rice bowls, smoothies and specialty sodas. The restaurant not only serves these items, but all of their ingredients are from local sources and maintains an eco-friendly philosophy (all of the utensils are recyclable, so are the boxes and serving trays).

That's not even the best part about this place; My favorite thing about 4food is that I can see the nutritional value of the food I want to eat from the buns down to the condiments! This is the only restaurant that I have ever been to that shows just how much saturated fat, sugar, fiber and/ protein that's being served with my food. They don't list the nutritional facts on the menu boards but they include it on receipts. if you go to their website, you can see their options and look at the nutritional facts there as well.

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