Yelp Brunch Roulette: Queens Comfort

New Years may be months passed but I'm determined to work on my resolutions for this year. Aside from the cliche, I made it a point to check out all of the cool joints that I've bookmarked on Yelp. One of the establishments that I had wanted to visit for quite sometime was Queens Comfort in Astoria. I'm thrilled to finally have had the opportunity to dine in for brunch over the weekend! I made a pit stop at Astoria Bier and Cheeseto get a few craft beers for my BYOB brunch. I arrived at Queens Comfort sometime after 1 P.M.; after a friend put his name down for the wait list, he was asked by the host for his favorite excuse (he explained that it was their system to call parties). My friend who's normally very witty and funny was caught off guard therefore replied with "bad traffic". There must have been at least 35 people waiting with us. The wait to get into this place is long (but long wait comes with a free joke with a choice between 'spicy', 'mild' and 'family friendly').

From my observation, groups of twos waited less but groups of four or more waited for a while (think 2+ hours). I'm not exactly sure how long we waited but it felt like an hour. Once our party was called, we quickly realized that we didn't really have a say regarding where we get to sit (diners are to sit where there are empty chairs). The communal seating actually plays a big role into making the restaurant very lively and casual. It looks as if everyone from the neighborhood is just helping themselves to one big feast of bangin' food (this place definitely isn't for those who are very anal about personal spaces). The restaurant has a dive bar feel to it with random luchador masks and Godzilla figurines.

The food is amazing. The dishes have everything that one would want in comfort food: generous portions, bacon, chicken and cheese (and lots of it). There were a handful of delicious sounding menu items but my friend and I agreed to share one item from their 'Small Plates' menu and our own entrée. Initially, we were skeptical about the Chicken and Waffle Balls (you only get 3 for $8!) but how could we not try it? It just sounded really good and we both confirm of its ethereal goodness (crunchy on the outside, soft inside, sweet and briny).

For my main meal, I decided to go with the Spicy Chicken & Bacon Enchilada. It arrived in an oblong serving dish, topped with sour cream and pico de gallo. I definitely got a kick from the shredded chicken, which was pleasant. All of the ingredients seemed to work well together. However, I did find it a bit saltier than how I would've preferred but overall, it was pretty awesome and filling.

I also got to try a little bit of my friend's Pulled Pork and Egg Sandwich which came with tater tots. The sandwich was fantastic- the meat wasn't drenched in sauce and was tender. I also appreciated that the bread wasn't soggy and the sauce wasn't overly sweet.

I didn't even get to finish the enchilada because I was already full half way to it. But hopefully on my next visit there, I can try their other dishes and perhaps something from their dessert menu as well.

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