Pigs and Pies: Best Friday Night Food Party in a While

Pigs and Pies: Best Friday Night Food Party in a While

Roberta's Pizza for Pigs and Pies on Friday, June 28th. The event featured country ham from Edwards, which was incorporated in the evening's menu. The menu consisted of prosciutto, Roberta's breads and Italian cheeses, as well as four different pizza pies. At $60 per person, guests were able to enjoy unlimited access to various plates of charcuteries, pizza, select wines and beers for three hours. I was thrilled when I found out about this event (pigs AND pies?!) and even more excited to have attended it. The commute to Bushwick or East Williamsburg (as some folks prefer to say) from Queens was very easy and quick and the L subway station at Morgan Avenue is only around the block. I was especially psyched about the event because I have been meaning to try Roberta's Pizza. I've heard nothing but amazing things about their pies and couldn't wait to get a taste.

I got there 5 minutes early but there wasn't much of a line at all- a few folks were already let in and so was I. The event was held in a tent at Roberta's quaint but pretty backyard/garden. There were three communal tables, as well as tall cocktail tables spread throughout the space. The main decor theme was white- minimal, contemporary and sophisticated and it pulled colors from the vibrant plants and flowers within the surrounding area.

A selection of red and white wines, bubbly and beer greeted guests upon entrance. We were first served Edward's Whole Boneless Surryano Ham on Roberta's Bread with Antichi Sapori Stracchino. I am a fan of prosciutto and really enjoyed the surryano ham. I thought it paired well with the cheese and bread. Stracchino cheese has a creamy consistency which just melts in the mouth with prosciutto. We were also served another kind of cheese, unfortunately, I forgot what it was and didn't take note (um, I was busy eating). Whatever it was, it had more kick to it and wasn't as creamy, which I liked but not as much as the stracchino.

The four pizzas served at the event were: 

Lupo- Featuring Edward's Country Ham, cooked with green garlic, pesto, ricotta, mozzarella and black pepper.  

It was the first green pizza I've ever had. What I mean by this is that rather than using tomato sauce, the cooks prepared it with pesto. Since Roberta's grow their own plants, I really tasted the freshness of it. The pizza was simple and was sweet, salty with a hint of spiciness.

Margherita with Arugula- Featuring Edward's Surryano Ham, cooked with tomato, mozzarella, arugula and basil. 

I thought that this particular one was the simplest and most basic out of the four pizzas (but that's not a bad thing). It was quite hearty, again it had a freshness about it. I actually didn't taste much of the bitterness from the arugula because the flavors of the other ingredients balanced it well.

Bacon and Egg- Featuring Edward's Hickory Smoked Bacon, cooked with tomato, mozzarella and egg.

This was also another first for me- I've had bacon pizza but never had one topped with egg. I really loved the idea of it and I was glad that I liked it too. The egg just gave it a creamier texture and together with the cheese, it gave the dish a sweeter taste. The smoked bacon was spectacular- this was a sweet and salty perfection.

Good Girl- Featuring Edward's Smoked Surry Sausage, cooked with taleggio, garlic and kale.

I have to say, this was probably one of my favorites of the night. I looked forward to trying this because it has the oh-so-trendy kale. I thought it was one of the more saltier pizzas but it also had a slight bitter kick to it. Again, the freshness of it was very much present in the palate.

I want to say that it was the best food party that I've gone to in a while, if not at all. I've gone to festivals like Choice Eats and Choice Streets and The Vendys (don't get me wrong, they're all extremely fun) and those events tend to be crazier with frenzied people everywhere. The Pigs and Pies event at Roberta's was very low key, very calm and there was still space for guests to maneuver about. Though guests were very quick to get their hands on the food, there were still enough slices, prosciutto, breads and cheeses left. It really felt like what it was- Roberta's hosted a party and I was invited.

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