Hamptons Cupcake Lounge: A Delicious Step Towards Healthy Sweets


After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Cynthia Sachs stopped eating desserts for a while. But she really missed having sweets like red velvet cupcakes. Determined to get reacquainted with decadent treats, Cynthia experimented with healthy alternatives. Founded by Sachs in 2011, The Hamptons Cupcake Lounge has been helping transform the dessert industry since.

While many of its counterparts offer cupcakes with out-of-this-world components like bacon and beef jerky; the cupcakery seeks to provide smarter ingredients. Sachs states that the Hamptons Cupcake Lounge team "bakes with flavor and health in mind, so we carefully replaced traditional ingredients with healthier alternatives. In place of butter and oil we use unsweetened, all natural applesauce and other fruit purées, which keeps our cupcakes nice + moist. We limit one egg per batch and incorporate egg whites. We only use low-fat dairy, and add whole grains by combining organic, 100% whole wheat flour to our unbleached flour."

The Hamptons Cupcake Lounge manages to make sweets that look appetizing and taste just as good. With flavors like Velvet Monkey (banana cupcake with a chocolate peanut butter cream cheese frosting), Orange Blossom (orange cupcake with vanilla cream cheese frosting) and Lavender Lemonade (lavender cupcake with fresh fresh lavender buds and lemon juice topped with cream cheese frosting), it's hard to resist! In addition to regular cupcakes, the Hamptons Cupcake Lounge also offers Cuptails- cupcakes with alcohol and Cuparons- mini cupcake sandwiches in the style of the macaron.