My Super Easy Pancake Munchkin Recipe: Perfect for Breakfast, Snack or Dessert


The idea for this came upon us after dinner when we found ourselves craving something sweet. There wasn't a cupcake, cake, doughnut, munchkin or any pastry within reach. But we did have pancake mix. This is where our recipe begins. We, at amixofthings aren't any good at cooking (and some of you already know that). However, if there's anything that we're proud of- it's our love for trying to create dishes that hopefully will pass as edible.

Tools required: a container to pour pancake mix into, something to mix the pancake mix and water with, a small pot, a stove-top with fire to actually cook it, a big strainer, something to place the cooked pancake munchkin on, paper towel  and a sifter to sift the powdered sugar.

Ingredients required: pancake mix, water, cooking oil and powdered sugar

You have everything needed, now what?

Pour pancake mix into a bowl Pour very little bit of water- You want to add just enough to make the pancake mix resemble a dough. Mix- Make sure to get everything mixed together until you can't mix any more. You may need to add more water (we just eye-balled it). This step is optional but recommended (the munchkins will come out crunchier) Place pancake dough in a Ziploc bag and stick it in the fridge for 30 mins. Pour cooking oil in the pot (fill half way). Start the stove on very low heat. Take a small amount from the pancake dough and form circle doughs. Slowly drop the doughs in the pot. Turn up the stove heat just a bit more. Wait until the doughs turn golden brown (you'll know when to flip them). Take them out with a big strainer and place on a paper towel (to get rid of the excess grease). Plate the pancake munchkins. Gently sift powdered sugar on top.

You're done! Take a bite and enjoy!

The end result is not quite spongy like a regular cake but not as dense and compact as an actual munchkin. The crunchy exterior balances the nice, soft cake inside. We only started playing around with this recipe a couple of days ago and that's why it's very simple. But you guys can also inject preserves in them or dip them in maple syrup or whatever syrupy goodness you have in your kitchen. Want to try this pancake munchkin recipe? We'd love to see how they turn out!