Monsieur Singh: A Revolution of the cLASSIc Icy Treat

Monsieur Singh Lassi boasts that lassi is 'endorsed by a billion Indians'. Don't believe it? There's a rotary phone on hand on the stand in case you dare question that statement. Potential customers are encouraged to dial a random phone number in India. I was given a complimentary sample after grabbing a brochure. I enjoyed the Mousson Mango Pop so much that I immediately turned around and bought all of the remaining flavors.

The reason behind the popularity of lassi in India is mostly because it is a traditional Indian drink. Its main ingredient is yogurt and can be savory or sweet. Monsieur Singh Lassi's Strawberry Blonde Pop is made with basil (take a look at the photos) while the Honey Lune Pop is made with mint. Some people would probably be hesitant to try it but it makes sense. It's very common for cocktails to have herbs (mojitos and bloody marys). Lassi popsicles taste very much like a refreshing cocktail (minus the alcohol). Though made with spices and herbs, it is NOT spicy at all. It's actually quite delectable.

Update (5.28.2013)- The Monsieur Singh Lassi crew will be at Smorgasburg starting this Saturday.